Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Speechless wednesday...

Yeah, I have money to buy my laptop, to buy my facial stuff, to buy comfortable and beautiful clothes
I have money to get my license
I have money to buy books
I have money to buy the most delicious food on earth
I have money to pay for my broadband monthly
Eventhough sometime all these money came from my parent pocket
or even PTPTN that gave me loan
I still can buy them


I don't have enough money to buy my place in JANNAH
come to this realization and consciousnesses
let us together find 'money' to get our ticket to the JANNAH
until then
INSYAALLAH, there is a place for us...AMIN...


  1. amiiiiin.should work hard to obtain the ticket

  2. Seimbangkan cari duet untuk survive di dunia & akhirat. Kan? :D

  3. hurmm..trkesan sgguh dgn ayt tuh.. :'(
    trima kasih meningatkan...