Sunday, 20 May 2012



After a whole day spending my time with blog crossing, sleeping, and sticking on the laptop's screen for hours as if I was very hardworking student to complete my assignment bhahaha...but the truth is NOTHING...i just having my sweet time but i got nothing, damn me! but this evening after having my deep sleep, I mean several hours ago, suddenly I got back my spirit to be the real hardworking student...bhahaha...

Yeah, I'm trying to translate several flowchart about the construction management into words and now suddenly I was 'English' in writing in this post. Please not to be confused, this is the real miss purple who is trying to write in english. If my english is sucks then please blog crossing or flying to another blogs that have better super duper English (I'm not emotional, just too excited. But hey, it's rare for me to have this feeling, Bhaha). 

Yeah, as I was writing this post and have my sweet time while Ain my guest, Mira and Wani is sleeping and Kak Long with her wonderful landscape design that always makes me gasping, it was already 2.24 am as to mention that I planned not to sleep tonight until Subuh as to complete the translation. Huh! 

The truth is, this translation works was accompanying with chinese and korean's songs from ONE FM, the chinese radio station. Crazy! Haha...Not really understand chinese language and just little understanding of korean language but it's still will do. 

A week to go,, vacation whatever words that may have similar meaning is just around the corner. Can't wait but at the same time feeling the load is loading too much on the shoulders. What else other than assignments that never can be negotiate with. 

Just want to write something in the morning. Pray for tomorrow, hope it will be better than today and today will  be better than yesterday (As i'm confusing it is today or yesterday..heh =P)

Have a cup of coffee everyone!! This person is crazy in writing right now and have a fun with chinese's song named Lang Man Pai by SODA...


  1. gud luck in what ever u do ok!!! saya nak speaking banyak2 pun pun tak reti..hehe

  2. i'm not good when writing in english.. i have lots of grammar errors..huhu