Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rainy day



An evening, with Dayat, Raihan, Yana1, Yana2 and me were having our dinner
It was at almost 8.00 pm then we were running back to the college 
It was after having a big tummy of tomyam, nasi putih and telur dadar and also the chocolate cool blog buy one free one....nyum nyum
The night is raining not so heavy but still the light frighten us.
The rain makes us shivering, with my purse I covered my forehead even though it's effect nothing
still getting wet..


In rain, in dark
keep thinking if this world is happy or sad or be sorry to the human
to live in desperate, to live in mistake, to live with bless, to live with gratitude
The rain, 
It's the same rain that accompany me while I was sad?
It's the same rain accompany my joy?

We keep walking in the rain...
Water was splashing to my feet
my slacks was getting wet
the wind is blowing coldly, the light makes us more shivering
The name of Allah we utter in our heart
A little pray but full of sincerity that only Allah knows was accompany us

Without an umbrella
we was shivering
A little more steps, the gate was before our eyes.
Silent journey in the rain
but still thankful to have this wonderful night
the rain that makes me smile

Fuhh...get into my room is the best
welcome me


It is not because the Bi rain of the k-pop Idol
But I still love the rain even though makes my laundries not dry enough
even though my shirts was getting polka dot or fully paint with rain water
 I still loveeeeee the rain...

The smell of rain that I love the most

Still Rain....
Just crying happily, nicely


  1. WOWZER! I love this post!!!
    Somehow the rain has inspired me with my "Project X" to tell you the truth,I love rain!!! I love dark skies.It looks so cool!! :D

    1. Yeah, I can't wait your "project X", it must be a new story, right!
      So cool..especially at night with colourful lamp =D

  2. and when it is raining,is the time for having a good night sleep and making it hard to wake up in the morning.hahha

    1. hahahha skrng pulak musim hujan...adehhh...tu la slalu lambat hehe

  3. suka jgak dgn kdg2 sdih, saluny hjun trun lpas baju dah slamat djemur..huhuu

    1. ye lah kan, tu yang selalu cari tempat sidai baju kat tempat berbumbung, time hujan rilex je goyang kaki, tak payah berkejar nak angkat baju...hehe =D

  4. ferghh..berpeluh2 baca entri ni..hehehe..bak kata usop wilchair, itulah gunanya english education..hahahaha..apa2 pun,sweet poem..poem kan ni?

    1. haha..thanks sebab sudi baca, hurmm...poem yang tak bape nak poem sangat..hehe

  5. amazing!
    i love rain too!
    the sky is crying...:)

    1. yes, the sky was crying happily =)

  6. akak pun suka makan tomyam hehee

    hujankan satu rahmat juga buat kita..

    hari2 sebenarnya mandi hujan, tapi hujan kat dalam bilik air lah hehehe..

    1. tomyam paling best kalau pekat, masam, pedas...wahh...memang best lah..hehe

      Yup, hujan rahmat dari Allah s.w.t yang harus sentiasa di syukuri

      hehe...hujan dalam bilik air tak kena demam =D