Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Late at night

source of picture : Why are you beautiful?

Late at night again
I don't need a cup of coffee even the brand was changed to a better I guess?
Usah lepaskan a song by Taufik Batisah is singing through my headphone.
A song that has nothing to do with my life or even my love.
A love that I never know what is that.

French's class this evening was a plain to me.
Nothing to be excited yet as the new lecturer that replace my last semester's lecturer don't want to start the class yet, next week will be okay
Oh No....I need to digest something from French so that my spirit will light up..
Okay, I'll be patient.
I'll wait...

I still sitting here, on my comforted chair while Infinate is asking me to smile through their song ;
Can you smile
Yes, I will!!!!

is it enough?
or even more wide open smile?

yeah, I looks like Keroro now

Late at night....
a more seconds to go before twelve
so, Good Night
For the brighter tomorrow


  1. purple dear,can u teach me french sikittt pls!heee~

  2. late at listening to hindi songs and playing games..hoho :D

  3. Replies
    1. latar citer ni pada wktu malam, so flexible la kalau baca pada waktu pagi pun...hihihihi =P