Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A very clear cloud in here...


I think to be in this atmosphere makes my eyes more clear, my brain more brighter and feel so light...
When the purple colouring to much my view I feels like I need a space to breath...pleaseee...hahar..

I don't know when did purple came into my life but when I realised it, I already fall to it...

My friend used to ask me "Why did you love purple so much?"






I keep questioning my self as well..

The truth is I really don't love purple that too much..
It's only 'biasa-biasa je' I thought
But then i realised...hey...all my stuffs almost purple huh...?
Once, on hari raya, when mak asked me to choose my colour for baju kurung.. I picked purple
The next hari raya mak choose purple as our hari raya theme and i was argued..'last year i have already had purple' even i was the only one who had choose purple and others with their colours themselves...
At last i was surrender...'okeh, purple then..'

When i got into degree level in semester one (but we called it as semester 3 as we already took our diploma in the same course), my friends keeps asking me...

"why purple?"
"why your baju kurung is always purple?"
"why this stuff of yours is purple?"
"why your t-shirt is purple?"
"why your tudung is also purple?" wohoooo....

I'm not sure actually
maybe purple and I just destined to be together? perhaps? harhar..

But, I thought that purple just really captured my view. When you put red things and purple besides. My heart will whispered...choose purple...pleaseeee...Harhar...

Okeh, that's all for purple background. The truth is, i was waiting for my semester 4 final exam's result to be announced that's why I was mumbling too much in English out of blue, harhar...and a half an hour ago i just received it from my email. Alhamdulillah, I was passed for every subjects. None to be repeated as we, the student scared the most. Waaa....Dayat..sobs..sobs..thanks for accompanied me for the whole exam weeks. Appreciate it very much. Thanks to mak and papa for supporting in hard and happy time as well. May god blesses all of you. Ehem...i didn't got dean list but to pass all the subjects was already a happy moment and thanks god after the hard time struggling for study day in day out during that moment. After trembling with a cup of coffee just to wake up myself. Pffftt...I really really trembling so much that day after have a cup of coffee. Scary!

1st note in my hand said : my English is not so good. But i wanna try to write in English. My LDK's teacher  used to say, just practice your english communication right away since you had a chance. Don't worry if your english is not so expert because just say you are still in learning process. If that was wrong people who are expert can tell you the right way. So, you got the right! =)

2nd note in my hand said : this is very clear and bright cloud in here. =)

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