Tuesday, 7 February 2012

She feels

My name is samdol, erkk...song sam dong tapi hanya dalam  drama DREAM  HIGH. Nama mak ayah bagi  Kim Soo Hyun. Saya takdek kena mengena dalam puisi di bawah. Tapi saya comel...;)

She saw him in a dream
She saw him in a reality
She look at him
Stare at him
He feels like this is suck yaw!
She feels like this is cute yaw!
He open the door and get into the crowded room
with his new hair cut
Her heart feels like jumping on the floor
And she already feel want to jump to the sky
He was so cute....
She feel want to keep him in her pocket
So cute (again)

But he already have a special one
Who already take space in his heart

She is smiling and jumping
This is nothing yaw!
She just want to like him and don't care about other things
She never want ask for more
She never want ask for further
She just want to like him
She just like him as she like JUNG YONG HWA


nota di tangan : Boo by IU is sooo sweeeeeet.

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