Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hey, Mr.Coffee and Miss Tea!!


Mr.Coffee met Miss Tea

Mr.Coffee and Miss Tea came from different land..
Under the same sky, view the same sunshine but still stay in different land...(to me)
The different land that forces me to choose either one...
Feels the bitter of or the bitter of Miss tea...

The bitter of Mr.Coffee makes me wake up all night long...
Accompany me with community of assignments...
The community that will makes my future brighter...^___^
Accompany me with the resident of test, tutorial and examination..
The resident that will help me smile even brighter in the future...^___^

The elegant of Miss Tea shown by Mr. GOOGLE ;)

The bitter of Miss Tea is nothing
Miss Tea that already accompany me since my childhood...
I know that Miss Tea never disappointing me...
With her sweetness story, she raised me...
Good morning, Miss Tea...
Good evening, Miss Tea...
even sometimes Good Night, Miss Tea...
See...How much I love you, Miss Tea....<3
I know you're sweet, thanks to Madam Sugar and Sir Milk..... ;D

The Hot of Mr.Coffee displayed by Mr. GOOGLE ;)

Mr. Coffee is very supportive...
Never disappointing me as well...
When I need to recharge my energy...You're there!
But taking you too much makes me trembling...
I know you're already be kind to me...
However, consuming you too much was hurting me...
But, I know you're sweet as well, thanks to Madam Sugar and Sir Milk for their hard effort...

Miss Tea...I'm sorry for never trust you to deal with my energy late at night...
It is just happened..
or even it may already a tradition to me or even to us, the student's community.
Can you forgive me? /@_@\ or even us? (harhar...)

But hey, Miss Tea...
You're with me when I'm happy, right?
Accompany me during my excitement and joy..
Clap with me and feeling nervous during RUNNING MAN shows (harhar???)
did you??

And Hey, Mr.Coffee...
I still need you...
In hard time...
Anyway, that was your job, right...
Please be good to me...
Because, in this new coming semester I may change for other brand of yours.
Don't be hurt!? (Did you hurt??)
Come on, it's still your community.. =P
However, still thanks to you, Mr.Coffee...^___^


Note in my hand said : Suddenly came out with ideas of Coffee and Tea. Sounds weird, as if coffee and tea can understand me...and is this me? real me? talking with coffee and tea out of blue...???


  1. This is so cute!!! I love coffee!
    You are better than me :D!!
    Go Miss Purple :DDDD <3
    thx so much for supporting me :D

    1. thanks liselle...
      the truth is, you're inspiring me!!=D
      i love your stories, ur english is superb...i'm still learning..
      i'll always support you, dear =)

  2. i just love coffee smell ...

    1. me too, Faza =D
      the smell just wake us up!!hehe

  3. coffee: my best friend since high school.hahah XD

  4. at last coffee is the best and loyal friend...haha =D

  5. hahhaa...semua di rakum ni..kalau kedua2 nya tu ada perasaan tentu sesekali merajukkan..tapi akak suka teh dari kopi

    1. samala kak, suka tea lg dari kopi. Tapi bila nak tahan mengantuk sebab nak buat kerja terpaksa la jugak minum kopi...hehe =D

  6. maaf akak tak dapat nak follow butan follow kat blog akak bermasalah

    1. it's okay, kak! thanks sebab sudi baca =D

  7. i like coffee, especially white coffee :D

    hmm purple with purple concept.. dlu blog zuan purple.. then transform ke biru

    1. welcome coffee addict! =D

      Yeah..purple in purple world...haha...oh, selamat pulang ke dunia purple balik..haha

  8. Replies
    1. hmm..the smell of coffee really strong here, thanks for read it.=D